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Sticky Chicken

A dish that you will find in most Jewish households on a Friday night is Sticky Chicken and it's no wonder that it is a family favourite - its delicious, sticky and super sweet. The problem is that it is loaded with sugar and all the additives found in most ready-made sauces (probably one of… Continue reading Sticky Chicken

healthy banana bread recipe
Sweet Treats

Gluten-Free Banana Bread

At the age of two and a half - like most toddlers - my son knows what he wants and isn't afraid to tell me all about it. He flat out refuses to eat most things green and would rather avoid trying anything new unless it is coated in something sweet. I witness so many… Continue reading Gluten-Free Banana Bread

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Crumbed Chicken Strips

Since my son could run around I have been planning my outings based on whether or not a restaurant has a kiddies' menu and a play area - something I didn't quite grasp before I had a child of my own. Like most parents, I find it frustrating that the kiddies' meal choices at most… Continue reading Crumbed Chicken Strips


Spanish Frittata

My son loves eggs. Scrambled, fried, anything goes (and if you got the green kind from Dr Seuss, he would probably love those too). So his obsession, along with my incessant hunt for wholesome and nutritious family meals is what led me back to the classic frittata. Not only can you cram the goodness into this… Continue reading Spanish Frittata


Pumpkin & Coconut Pancakes

After eating at some incredible places in Cape Town on our most recent family holiday, we were faced with so many nutritious and creative breakfast choices along our travels that inspired me to get creative in the kitchen back at home. A healthy pancake recipe is something I knew would go down well in my house, provided… Continue reading Pumpkin & Coconut Pancakes


Thai Chicken Patties

Every time that my son turns his nose up at whatever I'm trying to spoon into his mouth (something he has become somewhat a fan of since turning one), I am reminded of the reason that I need to find inspiration for healthy finger-foods. Not only will I be saving other mommies from raging toddlers (and potentially… Continue reading Thai Chicken Patties


Fruity Bircher Oats

I love this recipe because it is so simple and makes breakfast the following day super easy. This recipe easily makes enough for a family of four to eat a healthy and scrumptious breakfast together - without having the notorious sugary kid's cereals sitting at the breakfast table with you! Little people will absolutely love… Continue reading Fruity Bircher Oats


Blueberry & Banana Flapjacks

I came up with this recipe when deciding what would make a scrumptious (and nutritious) breakfast for my son on his first birthday. It was going to be a big day and we needed something that would suitably mark the occasion and get his chubby little hands clapping in approval. To celebrate his new-found obsession… Continue reading Blueberry & Banana Flapjacks


Cocoa-Cinnamon French Toast

An easy and scrumptious breakfast dish that will put smiles on very messy faces.