dealing with fussy eating toddlers
fussy eating

The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

As a mom who loves talking about nourishing children with only the healthiest ingredients, and yet I have a toddler whom is going through an extremely fussy-eating phase, I find myself questioning whether I have actually done enough to ensure that my son has been exposed to enough of the healthy stuff. Lately I find… Continue reading The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

fussy eating

Mindful Parenting & Fussy Eating

With a two year old son of my own, I am no stranger to trying every trick in the book to get him to expand his repertoire of beige foods (chicken nuggets, fish fingers, potato, pasta, bread, bananas, cereal - you get the picture?) and embrace some colours (or maybe one other) of the rainbow in… Continue reading Mindful Parenting & Fussy Eating

fussy eating, Nutrition 101

Legend of The Fussy Eater

It is something that mommies talk about and the thing that you think your little munchkin will never become. You feel momentarily ‘lucky’ that your child seems to be lapping up every morsel of food placed in front of him, delighting in their equally adventurous and ravenous mealtime behaviour. I was this mom. I thought… Continue reading Legend of The Fussy Eater