Healthy habits for busy parents
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Healthy Habits for Busy Parents

Feeding your child can be an incredibly exciting adventure but with it can come an enormous amount of pressure and anxiety. On the one hand, we understand the importance of exposing little ones to as many nutritious ingredients as possible to reach their growth and developmental milestones however busy schedules and daily realities tend to… Continue reading Healthy Habits for Busy Parents

dealing with fussy eating toddlers
fussy eating

The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

As a mom who loves talking about nourishing children with only the healthiest ingredients, and yet I have a toddler whom is going through an extremely fussy-eating phase, I find myself questioning whether I have actually done enough to ensure that my son has been exposed to enough of the healthy stuff. Lately I find… Continue reading The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

Food Allergies, Nutrition 101

Gluten & Wheat-Free Living

Recent statistics have shown that gluten intolerance and celiac disease are very widespread conditions however many of those affected walk around without even realising it: some children don't always show all the tell-tale symptoms, making it tricky to diagnose. It's no wonder we hear stories about parents who go through the run-around, over prolonged periods,… Continue reading Gluten & Wheat-Free Living


Healthy Holiday Snacking

Going on holiday generally means that routines and good habits take a backseat, and the taboos that were frowned upon all year sneak their way into the family festivities. Meals are no exception but there are some small things that you can do to ensure that your little munchkin is getting some solid nutrition between… Continue reading Healthy Holiday Snacking

fussy eating

Mindful Parenting & Fussy Eating

With a two year old son of my own, I am no stranger to trying every trick in the book to get him to expand his repertoire of beige foods (chicken nuggets, fish fingers, potato, pasta, bread, bananas, cereal - you get the picture?) and embrace some colours (or maybe one other) of the rainbow in… Continue reading Mindful Parenting & Fussy Eating

Nutrition 101

A Balanced Diet 101

I'm know I'm not the only mom out there who stresses constantly about whether my child is getting in all the right nutrients. This is then further compounded by those times when my son will refuse to eat anything other than toast, yoghurt and bananas. At twenty months, my son decided to stop drinking milk altogether.… Continue reading A Balanced Diet 101

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Healthy Snacking 101

The American Association of Paediatrics recommends 2-3 healthy snacks per day for little ones  i.e.: one in the morning, one mid-afternoon and possibly one before bedtime. In a recent report published, 86% of toddlers consume some type of sweetened beverage, dessert, sweet or salty snack in a day, and that they are more likely to consume… Continue reading Healthy Snacking 101

Nutrition 101, Sugar & Salt

Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Sugar Intake Within The Daily Limit

In my last post, I had a look at the recommended daily intake of added sugar, and just how easy it is to consume the 6 teaspoon limit (especially if you have a doting granny that loves nothing more than to bring out the sweet stuff at every opportunity!). So, apart from the obvious offendors,… Continue reading Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Sugar Intake Within The Daily Limit

Nutrition 101, Sugar & Salt

The ‘S’ Word: How much sugar is ‘too much’?

Other mommies make the assumption that not so much as a granule of sugar has touched my son's lips because I happen to have a blog devoted to healthy eating for kids. I get asked, in all earnest, if I have ever actually given my son sugar. If you're wondering, then the short answer to… Continue reading The ‘S’ Word: How much sugar is ‘too much’?