Healthy habits for busy parents
Planning, Preparing & Storing

Healthy Habits for Busy Parents

Feeding your child can be an incredibly exciting adventure but with it can come an enormous amount of pressure and anxiety. On the one hand, we understand the importance of exposing little ones to as many nutritious ingredients as possible to reach their growth and developmental milestones however busy schedules and daily realities tend to… Continue reading Healthy Habits for Busy Parents

Plant-Based Eating

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives

Plant-based and vegan diets are on the increase and so are the amount of plant-based products, including non-dairy alternatives, being consumed by families. So which non-dairy milk alternatives are best to give to your child without compromising on their nutrition? And what do you need to keep in mind before swapping out cow's milk for one of them?

easy fish cake recipe
Lunch / Supper

3-Step Fish Cakes

This super easy recipe is one of my new favourites when it comes to whipping up a healthy protein-packed meal for the family in a matter of minutes. It's also one of those recipes to keep up your sleeve when you find yourself rummaging through a near empty fridge or pantry! These fish cakes are gluten-free… Continue reading 3-Step Fish Cakes

carrot hummus recipe, healthy snack idea

Carrot Hummus

My son, in typical toddler fashion, isn't big on trying many new things in his diet these days. One thing he loves however is to dip just about anything: from pieces of meat, chicken and cheese to carrot batons (we are working on the cucumber and tomatoes but I'll take what I can get at… Continue reading Carrot Hummus

My Shopping List

Coconut Flour

This ingredient is one of the biggest health buzzwords at the moment - found in so many recipes and on the shelves of most (if not all) grocery and health stores - and for many, it isn't entirely clear what all the fuss is about. So why is coconut flour healthy for children (and the… Continue reading Coconut Flour

dealing with fussy eating toddlers
fussy eating

The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

As a mom who loves talking about nourishing children with only the healthiest ingredients, and yet I have a toddler whom is going through an extremely fussy-eating phase, I find myself questioning whether I have actually done enough to ensure that my son has been exposed to enough of the healthy stuff. Lately I find… Continue reading The ‘No Plan B’ Approach

Lunch / Supper

Sticky Chicken

A dish that you will find in most Jewish households on a Friday night is Sticky Chicken and it's no wonder that it is a family favourite - its delicious, sticky and super sweet. The problem is that it is loaded with sugar and all the additives found in most ready-made sauces (probably one of… Continue reading Sticky Chicken

Sweet Treats

Date & Coconut Squares

I’m constantly looking for healthy treats to serve up at play dates, as an energy boosting snack or something for little fingers to hold on-the-go. Most importantly, I want ideas that are easy to make and won’t have me slaving away in the kitchen for hours. What I love about this recipe is that it… Continue reading Date & Coconut Squares

Food Allergies, Nutrition 101

Gluten & Wheat-Free Living

Recent statistics have shown that gluten intolerance and celiac disease are very widespread conditions however many of those affected walk around without even realising it: some children don't always show all the tell-tale symptoms, making it tricky to diagnose. It's no wonder we hear stories about parents who go through the run-around, over prolonged periods,… Continue reading Gluten & Wheat-Free Living