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Coconut Flour

This ingredient is one of the biggest health buzzwords at the moment – found in so many recipes and on the shelves of most (if not all) grocery and health stores – and for many, it isn’t entirely clear what all the fuss is about.

So why is coconut flour healthy for children (and the rest of the family) and why should you be using it?

You would have seen that I love using it in my baking recipes and it’s not only because of its incredible taste (if you’re into coconut!) but also because this powdery goodness is crammed with nutrients.

It is naturally gluten-free and contains more fibre and protein than wheat flour. It is also an excellent source of healthy fats known as MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which boost metabolism and provide an excellent source of energy for growing little people. Studies have shown that coconut flour also has a more moderate effect on blood sugar than grain-based flours and is therefore an excellent choice for diabetics and for maintaining energy levels (less sugar spikes!).

If you are baking with coconut flour (or would like to substitute wheat flour for coconut flour), remember that it soaks up moisture so you’ll need to play around with the amount of oil or eggs you use (you generally need around 3 eggs per cup of coconut flour). Coconut flour can also be delicious when used to thicken curries and in savoury dishes like vegetable fritters.

You certainly don’t need to use coconut flour in every single recipe in place of your regular grain-based flour (unless you want to of course!) but it provides a delicious and healthy way to mix things up.

Check out the following recipes to be inspired and I’ll do my best to keep some more coming:

Banana & Date Bread (Gluten-Free)

Oat Crunchies



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